Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breathing Easy.

I decided to start a blog. For me really.. I'm sure no one gives a rats ass about what i do, think, or feel. Still, i wanted something for myself. To keep track of what i'm cooking, working on, and just my daily things.  i decided to call my blog 39th & bell for the obvious reason that its the street i live on. i spend a lot of time at home or in the neighborhood. working at World of Spirits, Blue Koi, Gilhouly's filling in from time to time. i frequent most of the restaurants, bars, and shops too. Really 39th street is the most amazing place to me. Especially now that the leaves are changing and the front porches are always littered with my friendly neighbors. I would be happy to live here forever. My dream is to teach second grade at Gordon Parks ,the elementary school a few blocks over .  So hey my name is meg, and i like stuff, and enjoy doing things. so lets do this. 

also check this place out.
I want to wear these every single day. my dogs would be barking but it would be worth it.

natural world desert plates, you are adorable. 

my apartment feels bare to me. i love my place don't get me wrong, but i wish i had the funds to decorate it. i still like to window online shop its an easy way to get inspired for what me and mel's place could look like. one site i can stay off of is anthropologie, easily one of my favorite stores to always peak in when im on the Plaza. it's pricey but i can still dream and droll.

 i can't stop watching this...

i wouldn't mind sleeping here.

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  1. Oh my god, these are so great! Cutest plates ever :)


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