Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday of the year. i do have a  soft spot for the fourth of july but, it was always missing something...the food! i enjoy nothing more then loading my plate up with turkey and sides, plopping down on the sofa next to family and loved ones,and digging in. This year i will be on a mini vacation Thanksgiving. i decided to spend time with Max's family who are all absolutely fabulous. i cannot wait to meet all the others. i just want to be in a big room of love with a full belly and my man. i'm so excited i wish it would hurry up and get here already! what are your plans Thanksgiving? i was thinking about bringing a dish. i usually just show up with wine but, it's time to be an adult and cook something up. any ideas???? 



  1. the november issues of real simple magazine and the whole living magazine have tons of great thanksgiving dish ideas... i can't remember them exactly at the moment, but i think one of them had a recipe for rutabega gratin, a butternut squash bread pudding and other tasty-sounding sides!

  2. i will definitely have to check that out. thank you so much for the tips! butternut squash bread pudding sounds pretty dang fantastic.


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