Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chilly and Chili

 The days have turned much colder. I'm not complaining i have always loved layering up. This weekend i have quite a to do list. Working my doubles at the liquor store and Bar tending at Blue Koi. i have a huge economics test to study for. also on sunday i'm treating my brother to  a sushi dinner for his birthday. the poor guy has never tried sushi! after all this busyness sunday night i plan on settling down with my books and cooking up a big old crock pot of chili. this weather has me craving it, and what is so fantastic about chili is that it freezes well. ill have enough for the whole season if i plan it right. i hope you all have a lovely weekend! go take a walk and enjoy this beautiful fall! 

Easy Vegan Chili


  1. Ah, that Chili looks amazing!! I could use some right now to chase yesterdays party out of my body :)
    Have a lovely sunday!

  2. i have known a couple of people who have never tried sushi, SOO crazy!! i could eat sushi everyday, it is so yummy! and speaking of yummy that chili looks amazing! i love making chili! one of my many stews or soups i make during the winter! i love adding zucchini too!


  3. Okay yeah. seriously POOR GUY. I am literally obsessed with sushi. No joke. I can eat everyday if I could. Hope he likes it!!!

  4. The chili looks so good:) Btw: is that your little dog on the photo? Its adorable:)
    Have a great day

    Ps: I’m hosting a Pistacho Press GIVEAWAY today, so please join in :)

  5. We have to swap chili recipes! Also, I hope your sushi was had on 39th Street. That joint on Westport Road is not the best. xo


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