Sunday, November 28, 2010

Red And Yellow - Escapist Trailer

This was filmed in my hometown and at the liquor store i work at and it's pretty damn hilarious. the song is also from a local guy too, obviously.  pretty sure you will enjoy it. my man is the one in the in all the gear: coat, glasses, bed. don't worry the birds are my friends and the bed spread was an anniversary present from me to him. good job boys red and yellaw!

the crew.
on other news i have been trying to finish up school. it's final time so i have been deep in the books. also, i put up my christmas tree and it makes me so incredibly happy i can't handle it sometimes. I'm a huge sucker for the holidays. i think i have already watched Elf about 15 times. i hope your thanksgiving was fantastic and tasty. oh one more thing, i made pumpkin bread from scratch for the first time in in came out amazing. never really thought i was much of a baker but guess i was wrong.

oh and we all celebrated Melanie's big 24. it consisted of vodka and tonics, pomegranate martinis, balloon hats shaped like slices a cake, and a late night burrito run. i love her so much, plus she makes my most legit mix season inspired cds ever. really, she should be paid to do this.
a very attractive couple. 
my cookie head birthday girl.
Tanner is my brother or at least most of the time.
balloon cake hat!

drinks at the fire fly!
The Four loko band has started.


  1. Your pics are involving!!!:)

  2. ahahahah, I love the video! I was dancing the whole time! hmmm, and I love ELF! one of the must see movie during the holidays. I haven't seen it this year but I gotta get crackin' on that and take out all the Christmas movies out. Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Those photos are so fun and I adore that video:) Hope you are having a great weekend:) I am going to be back soon.
    Kisses and hugs


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