Wednesday, June 1, 2011


well, the lake was fantastic. we arrived on saturday morning just missing all the rain. it was nothing but sunshine the rest of the weekend. max and i started the day off with horse shoes and he kicked my butt. i didn't even make one point against him. he's one of those guys that is good at every sport. later on we hit up some yard sales to find some forgotten treasures. max hit the jack pot with tons of old school chiefs gear. i was a little jealous not gonna lie, ha.  sunday was my favorite day of the week. just full of lots of sun, family, and good food. i grilled chicken for the first time for everyone and I'm proud to say it was delicious. I'm so thankful for my family they are just all so amazing. I'm looking forward to labor day weekend for some more camping! 

Farkle, i WIN!
My cousin Ava made a friend!

sweet miss. meg and max
mmmm breakfast. 

sleepy baby. check out that tan :)

the loser shot gun. :)
Me being a grilling master.

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